V7N Tech Blog

Yo listen up.

This here is the new V7N Tech Blog. Read about geeky crap that normal people don’t want to hear about.

I won’t be writing here. I’m not a geek. But other v7ners will be writing here. So, like, read it. Ok?


  1. The WebmasterThe Webmaster05-04-2006

    “So, like, read it. Ok?”

    Ayi ayi SIR…

  2. ColleenColleen05-04-2006

    Cool. 🙂

  3. JulieJulie05-04-2006

    Admit it, you’re a geek too.

  4. John ScottJohn Scott05-04-2006

    Hell no. 🙂

  5. JulieJulie05-05-2006

    Don’t make me change your comments 😉


  6. sloganslogan05-10-2006

    Julie, I never knew you were a geek 😉

  7. Kitchen DesignerKitchen Designer05-21-2006

    Geek girls are totally hot.

  8. JulieJulie05-25-2006

    Apparently I am since I am into computers and whatnot. 😛 However, I would say I dress better than the average geek. 😆

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