AOL to Offer Free VoIP Service & Blogging

AOL had made further annoucements today that could help transform the company from a dinosaur dial-up provider to a modern day internet empire. AOL nnouced today that they will begin offering free VoIP service through the AIM instant messaging client, and are expected to soon launch a rival to the ever-popular MySpace. The VoIP service, dubbed “AOL Phoneline” is a move that could potentially be worth millions.

AIM currently dominates chat, capturing nearly 50% of the market. While VoIP will be free for computer to computer calls, AOL is hoping that many of them will pay the $14.95 free to use the VoIP service with landline and mobile phones.

At the service’s launch, each user will be given a phone number that can be handed out to friends and family. Skype offers similar capabilities, but chargers users $4 for a phone number. Another unique feature of the AOL Phoneline service is the ability to be notified on your cell phone if a call is received on your home computer.

Although a definitive launch date has not yet been announced, the AOL Phoneline could launch by the end of May.

Also rumoured to be launching later this month at AOL is a full-scale social networking service that will give AIM users their own customizable blog pages. The name of this service is AOL Pages. Stay tuned for more info.

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