Google & NASA Team Up

Google and NASA have announced a new partnership that could lead to further space research and an upgrade in space technology.

Google and NASA plan to cooperate on a large-scale on various projects including: data management, Nan technology, massively distributed computing, and the entrepreneurial space industry.

The financial terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed, but Google is expected to develop up 1 million square feet of real estate within NASA’s Research Park at Moffet Field, a former Naval base in Silicon Valley.

“Google and NASA share a common desire to bring a universe of information to people around the world,” said Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt.

NASA director G Scott Hubbard says that the partnership holds “an enormous range of potential benefits to the space program”, and that research would mainly focus on “earth, life and space science discoveries from supercomputing and data mining” and would help bring entrepreneurs into the space program.

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