Microsoft Ships Vista build 5381.1 to Testers

Microsoft has issued 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista build 5381.1, which is a preview of the Beta 2 version of Vista the company intends to ship later this month to millions of users worldwide.

Windows users who are eager to test Windows Vista don’t have much longer to wait: Microsoft will ship Beta 2 to millions of consumers sometime in late May. Currently, the company still plans to ship Beta 2 on May 22. Attendees of the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2006, which runs May 23rd through the 25th, will receive Vista Beta 2 on DVD.

Source: Microsoft

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  1. sloganslogan05-11-2006

    Here we go again – This is their big project with the all signing and dancing features.

    My advice would be to steer clear and let the testers and a lot of the ‘Me First’ people get burned for now as you know it is going to have teething problems, plsu it is going to have some serious driver compatibility testings due to whats out there today.

    Wait until the first fix pack is out as that won’t be too long after 😉

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