Samsung Unveils World’s Thinnest Phone

Not willing to be outdone by Motorola and the Razr, Samsung has created the world’s thinnest phone – measuring just 6.99mm in thickness. It has set the new record, breaking the 7mm barrier.  It is nearly comparable to the Ipod Nano, which measures in at 6.85mm in thickness.

The phone (SGH-X820) sports a 2 megapixel camera, and also functions as an MP3 player. It will be showcased at a Russian IT fair, the Sviaz Expocomm 2006, this week.

The phone is set to hit store shelves Europe this month, and in China in June. Pricing, however, has not yet been revealed.

What’s next, credit-card sized phones?


  1. ColleenColleen05-09-2006

    I think the smaller things get, the more they cost. I can imagine the cost! On that note, I finally got a cellphone, it was free so what the heck. 😀

  2. MSYMSY09-30-2006

    My old Sony Ericcsson broke, and I was in dire need of a new cellphone. Searching all the stores, I instantly fell in love with this phone the second I touched it. It was extremely slim and lightweight, I always put it in my breastpocket and no one even notices it’s there, and I always get compliments on how thin it is.

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