Sony Demos PS3 For the First Time!

The world’s largest video game company has finally demonstrated the much anticipated PS3, and has plegded to stick with the November 2006 release date.  It was unveiled Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles.



Key features of the new Playstation 3 are as follows:    

  • Compatability with CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • Legacy SD to Full HD support
  • Wirless controllers
  • Pre-installed hard disk
  • USB, memory stick, SD, and compact flash compatibility
  • 20 to 60 Gigabites maximum storage

Sony executives also noted that they are aggressively seeking ways to connect the PS3 and the PSP.  Also worth mentioning is the redesign of the PS3 controller.  Previously, Sony was working on a “boomerang” style controller, but after much backlash, they have redesigned it.  The new controller is simply the old PS2 controller revamped with some extra features like: the six axis sensing system, removal of the vibrating core, Bluetooth for wireless use, and USB cables to wire the controller for recharging.

While the release of the PS3 has been pushed back from Spring 2006 to Fall 2006, allowing for Microsoft’s XBox to get a jump start, Sony is hardly worried.  As far as they are concerned, “The next generation doesn’t start until we say it does.” Now those are some fighting words!

Compared to the XBox 360, the PS3 will already crush it in regards to maximum storage capacity.  While the XBox offers 9 Gigabites, the PS3 will offer 20 to 60 Gigabites. Loading may only take two to three seconds due to the built-in hard drive and caching features, and an online shop will allow users to order new levels or weapons for the game, games, and other interactive features and products.

It will be available via a 2 configuration plan – a 20 gigabyte version and a 60 gigabyte version. The Japanese debut will be November 17, and the 20gb version will debut at 59,900 yen, with the 60gb version getting an ‘open price’. In North America, the machine will debut on November 17, at $499 for 20gb, $599 for 60gb. Europe/Australasia will get the console on November 17, at 499 euros for 20gb, 599 euros for 60gb. Sony also announced that they will ship 2 million PS3s worldwide during the launch period, and 4 million by December 31 2006, and a cumulative 6 million units by March 31, 2007 - doubling the output of PS2 during that time.

It sounds exciting with all the new features, and I’m hoping that Sony doesn’t let us down by pushing back the release date again.  I also hope that they fixed the problem that many had with playing DVDs in the PS2.

Pictures will be added to this as they become available!


  1. ColleenColleen05-09-2006

    I just bought my boyfriend an XBox 360, I hope he doesn’t want this too, lol.

  2. JuggoPopJuggoPop05-09-2006

    Something else to note is how they tried to rip off the nintendo controller. They redesigned it to be like the PS2 controller except now it’s tilt sensitive in 6 directions. (not exactly like the 3-d space controller of the Wii, but they are trying to add something)

    I’m sure I’ll be playing PS3 in about 3 years when the software developers have a good grasp on the systems abilities. 🙂

  3. JulieJulie05-09-2006

    I updated to reflect info about the controller, pics.

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