The second coming of Intel’s Core Duo

Intel has decided to borrow the sequential naming scheme it used for its famous Pentium brand and apply it to the new Core line of chips. Earlier this year, Intel released the Core Duo processor, and in a few months it will unveil Core 2 Duo processors. The Core 2 Duo name will be used for desktop chips based on the Conroe chip, as well as for notebook chips based on the Merom chip.

Each one of Intel’s model numbers will be preceded by a letter that indicates how much power the chip consumes at its peak. This is the first time Intel has incorporated power consumption into its model numbers.

The end appears nigh for the Pentium brand, which has carried Intel for 13 years. Intel is expected to rapidly shift its factories to cranking out Core processors by the end of the year.

Intel announced last week plans to release Conroe and Merom chips in July and August, respectively, which is earlier than expected.

Personally I’m still waiting for good Notebooks with the new Dual Core CPUs, a recent Review about Dual Core Notebooks hasn’t been positive at all.

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  1. ToddTodd05-08-2006

    Interesting I heard good things about the notebooks with Dual Core… I have the normal ol’ Pentium M in mine and its great 🙂

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