BitTorrent, Warner Bros. Sign Deal

Whereas most entertainment companies are sueing file-sharing companies, BitTorrent and Warner Bros. Entertainment have found a way to work together.  Warner Bros. will supply the movies and television shows, and BitTorrent will act as the distributor, charging a mere $1 per download of Warner Bros. content.

The service will begin this summer, and executives are hoping that the low price will attract users.  iPod charges nearly double what BitTorrent/Warner Bros. will be charging.

However, there are some who are not impressed.  Although BitTorrent often allows very quick file transfers, many complain that it is not user friendly, especially not as easy to use as iTunes.  

I am also not all that impressed with this news.  If I want to download something, I want it to be quick, easy and painless.  BitTorrent is not as simple as downloading things via iTunes or other services, and I can’t see someone not familiar with BitTorrent having an easy time.

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  1. Bjorn SolstadBjorn Solstad05-09-2006

    Are you here referring to the original BitTorrent client? Of course that one will never be of any sucsess, since it has a very limited and bad user interface. BitComet would be a much better choice in my opinion.

    BitTorrent is not at all user friendly to novice users,as I have seen many times since I maintain a list of BitTorrent sites and trackers at my site. It’s incredible how little people in general know about two-component downloading, and that is a big part of the problem. In that sense emule works better.

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