Get Geek Gear

You’re a geek and you know it, in fact, the whole world knows.  Or maybe you’re a geek-in-denial like John.  Whatever the case, we know you can’t resist oogling over the latest and greatest new gadgets to hit the market.  If you’ve got the time, and the money, take a trip on over to ThinkGeek.

ThinkGeek outfits geeks with everything they need to be kept happy, and stuck at their computers even longer than they already are.  Some of the geekiest gear at ThinkGeek includes a USB beverage cooler (keeps your drink cold so you don’t have to get up as often for another cold one), the Swiss Memory USB (think Swiss army knife plus a USB flash drive), and the Square LED Binary Watch (if you get this, you’re beyond a geek, you’re a super-geek!).

In addition to outfitting you with the coolest geek gear, you can also snag some geeky clothes.  You know you want some, but are you geek enough to wear it?

Kudos to Trapper for sharing this site.


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