Hacker Gets 5-Year Prison Sentence

A California judge has just dished out the longest sentence given to a hacker to date – nearly 5 years in prison and an additional 3 years of supervised release.

20-year-old Jeanson James Ancheta was found guilty of using malware to infect computers and assemble an army of over 400,000 illegally controlled computers. Ancheta admitted to selling access to his botnets – a network of controlled computers – for as much as $3,000 at a time and over 30 seperate transactions.

Amongst the victims, were the US Naval Warfare Center and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

Ancheta was ordered to pay $15,000 to the weapons division of the US Naval Warfare Center and the DISA.  He was also ordered hand over the proceeds from the operation to the government, which included $60,000 cash, a BMW, and various computer equiptment.

The judge told Ancheta: “Your worst enemy is your own intellectual arrogance that somehow the world cannot touch you on this.”

So kiddies, next time you think about hacking government computers, consider yourself warned.


  1. ToddTodd05-10-2006

    Stupid kid!

  2. […] When will these kids ever learn?  Don’t mess with the gov’t and don’t mess with News Corp. Stay away from the illegal stuff, eh? […]

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