Are You a Geek? Find Out For Sure.

Take the original Geek Test, and find out where you fall on the geek-o-meter.  I scored a 15.58185%, which means I am a Geek, but not a complete and totally dysfunctional Trekkie geek. 😛

How geeky are YOU??


  1. joecoolfreakjoecoolfreak05-11-2006

    26.23274% for me….Total Geek =-)

  2. John ScottJohn Scott05-11-2006

    It called me a “Poser”…

  3. joecoolfreakjoecoolfreak05-11-2006

    Probably for good reason John 😉

  4. JulieJulie05-11-2006

    lol. There’s no such output John.

  5. JuggoPopJuggoPop05-11-2006

    24.65483% – Geek

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