Mobile PC Gaming Just Got Better

Alienware announced Tuesday that it has released two high-end laptop computers for gamers with built-in WiFi that uses Multiple Input, Multiple Output technology (MIMO) provided by Airgo.  Gamers will now have the ability to play wirelessly, without being tied down by ethernet cables, etc.

MIMO technology utilizes multiple antennas to send and receive signals, which increases wireless speed and range.  It will be an important part of the upcoming 802.11n specifications, and is backwards compatible with existing 802.11g and b equipment.

The Aurora m9700 will have a 17-inch screen with prices starting at $1999.00, and the Aurora mALX includes a 19-inch screen with prices starting at $4499.00.  Both models use 64-bit AMD Turion proccessors with HyperTransport technology, and two built-in harddrives.  The two harddrives will give you faster load times, and give you enough space to record up to 125 hours of television with RAID.

Additional features include a built-in 1.3 megapixel tilting video camera, a full-size keyboard with numeric pad, buttons to control volume and system controls (so you don’t have to open up new screens), 4 USB ports, a 4-in-1 media card reader, surround sound support, S-video in/out, and a  TV tuner.

The Aurora m9700 is the first and only 17-inch dual graphics card system, giving its users up to a 100% increase in graphics performance over single graphics card systems.  This translates into the ability to display your games at the highest possible resolutions, without messing up your frame rate.

And those are just the specs on the m9700!  Can you imagine what they’ve done with the mALX?  Think more options, perks, and even better everything! 

Even though I’m not a gamer, I want one of these!  It sounds pretty sweet, and I’m sure every gamer will be clamouring to get their hands on one of these – if they’ve got the $$.


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  1. ToddTodd05-10-2006

    I hope Alienware has increased quality control! My Alienware had TONS of problems the major one being the heat and shutting down.

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