TiVo to Offer Web-based Videos

Best known for digital video recording (DVR), TiVo could soon be offering web-based programming to their broadband television boxes.

A deal with Brightcove Networks Inc. was announced yesterday that will add additional content to TiVo’s arsenal, and fulfill their desire to expand their on-demand offerings.  Online video offerings will include content from Brightcove’s partners.  Brightcove so far has hundreds of partners, including TimeWarner, AOL, MTV’s Teen Channel, National Lampoon’s TogaTV.com, and more!

“This is the first partnership for us to get content directly to the TV set,” said Brightcove’s founder and CEO, Jeremy Allaire.

The additional content would give TiVo subscribers an added array of content to choose from, and would be available on demand.

An undisclosed number of web-based programs will be selected by Brightcove and TiVo to debut in June on their series 2 internet connected digital video recorders.  Initially, the programs will be offered for free, but may carry advertising to offset costs.

TiVo hopes to develop a way for content producers using Brightcove to have their material distributed to TiVo machines, which would allow the producers to decide whether or not they would like to charge for access to the content.

This sounds like a great idea, and I think it will do well if the content is choosen wisely.  Sadly, I don’t have a TiVo so I won’t be able to test it out, but if any of our readers out there are interested, send us a review of the new service when it comes out and we may publish it.

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