Does this personalize a coffee Geek?

I visited a big supermarket called “Kaufland” today and spotted a coffee maker for just 20 Euros. Due to the fact that my last coffee maker had been really oldschool I decided to buy that one, special price so let’s go for it.

I made some room for it, packed it out, set it up and was pretty surprised as I spotted a Clock on that Coffee Maker. I mean it’s ok to have a clock on the stove or the microwave.. but on the Coffee Maker? Wtf?

After taking a closer look on it and trying out this and that button I realized that it’s actually a timer! Oh my goodness! Means I can time my coffee maker on 6:30 AM and it automatically starts to make my coffee, I really love that feature, didn’t even notice it when I bought it! Really, really cool.

Click here for the coffee maker pic.

Now, am I just too oldschool regarding to coffee Equipment or is this really cool?

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