DVD Sniffing Dogs

Two dogs specially trained to sniff out DVDs will be put to work this summer at the Stansted, UK airport.  This is the first time that such a DVD sniffing dog has been put to work anywhere in the world.

The two dogs are black labradors named Lucky and Flo will be patrolling the airport, trying to sniff out pirated DVDs brought in by organized criminals. 

The dogs were trained over a period of 8 months to identify DVDs that may be concealed in boxes, envelopes, and other packaging, as well as DVDs hidden amongst other goods.  Their skills were first put to the test at Stanted’s FedEx hub, where the dogs were successfully able to identify packages containing DVDs.  Unfortunately, all the packages they identified were legitimate DVDs.

The Motion Picture Association of America estimated criminal gain from UK piracy to be around £278m last year alone.  But now, with the DVD sniffing dogs, the UK is set to strike back. The project is promoted by the MPAA.

I love you Brits and all, but haven’t you got better things to do than teach dogs how to sniff out DVDs?  Aren’t there larger crimes committed that could use the extra money and manpower (or dogpower) for?  And the MPAA, how could you let them persuade you into doing this?

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