Is your computer still safe?

Most of you by now use some form of virus protection. You also use one or more types of adware protection as well. Feeling safe yet? Now we have one more and possibly even more dangerous thing to worry about when protecting our computers: rootkits. For the better part of computer history, rootkits were aimed at the Unix crowd and since most of us use Microsoft based computer systems, they weren’t an issue. Now hackers are starting to aim towards the Microsoft crowd and now is the best time to start being prepared.

What is a rootkit? Well, basically it is a small program or set of programs that attach themselves to regular and known operating system files and pretend not to be dangerous so that virus scanners and other tools pass them by on regular checks. They also potentially create backdoor access for unauthorized use of your computer and are very often much more difficult to remove or repair.

Fortunately, the security community is in a constant battle with the hacking community always “one-upping” each other for control. There are already several companies out there that provide protection from these rootkits. Some of them are free and and some aren’t, but honestly, what kind of price can you put on protection?

If you are looking for a free solution, you might want to check out this:

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