EU Accuses US of Influencing Vote

Earlier this week, ICANN, the international regulator of domain names, rejected a proposal to create the .xxx top-level domain (TLD) in a 9-5 vote.  Now, the European Union is accusing the U.S. political interference.

“We see here a clear case of political interference in ICANN. It’s a worrying development that the US administration has interfered in this process,” a spokesman for Ms Viviane Reding, commissioner for information society and media in the European Union.

ICANN has rejected the EU’s allegations as “ignorant”.

Results of the voting will not be released until later this month, however, it is known that Vint Cerf (US) and Paul Twomey (Australia) have voted against the proposed domain.

Last year, the EU failed to take control of ICANN when it initiated a power struggle with the US.  One of their biggest concerns then was a perception that non-English language domain applications get second-class attention.

Is this a case of sour grapes, or is the EU on to something? 

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  1. Dustin07Dustin0705-13-2006

    By “their biggest concerns” is ‘their’ the EU or the US? I personally really like the ‘.xxx’ idea, seems like it would make it a hell of a lot easier to block porn.

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