Skype Launches ‘Very Free’ Service to US and Canada

VoIP Kingpin Skype launched a new campaign in the USA and Canada. They introduced 100% free phone calls to land AND mobilephone lines!

I don’t know how much you pay for phoning in USA/Canada but that sounds like great news. If this would be introduced in Germany for example, many phone companies would probably freak out.

The internet telephony service, recently purchased by eBay, say the offer will last “at least until the end of 2006” – and reveal that there’s not a sign up cost or hidden charge in site.

Skype’s Jaanus Kase blogged: “It is really very, very free. There’s no prepayment, no minimum use, no subscription, no monthly fee, no nothing.”

They are not sure yet if they will extend the free service, more news on that towards the end of the year.

For those of you eager to get Skyping, Jaanus advised: “If you haven’t bought any Skype Credit, your Skype client may still tell you something about needing to buy some before you can use SkypeOut. Just disregard that and place your call. It will work fine.”

Now that’s some cheeky marketing Skype! 🙂


  1. ToddTodd05-16-2006

    Time to look into SKYPE! I was only looking at VONAGE previously.

  2. ChrisChris05-18-2006

    Freakin sweet, maybe I need to finally sign up to their service. Although it’s going to be a struggle to get my friends to sign up…to even make it worth it.

  3. ToddTodd05-19-2006

    I signed up for the free longdistance in the U.S.A

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