What will the Wii cost?

With a strong showing at E3 and a decent following already, Nintendo looks to be the number one next gen system in homes.

There have been reports that the Nintendo will cost around the $200 mark. The most recent guess at that price was by a Forbes analyst. Other rumors are abounding that one reason Nintendo has yet to announce a price is that they will be offering it free with the purchase of four games and an extra controller. Either way it goes it should run you between $199 and $249.

Now why would I say that Nintendo will be the number one system? Everybody is saying that Nintendo is slated to be number three… That the battle will be between Xbox (at $299 for the core system) and PS3 ($499 for the basic version). It’s also being said that most homes will be able to have 2 systems each and that Nintendo will always be the second purchase because it’s cheaper then the other two.

Now, maybe I failed math one to many times in high school… But if 50% of the people buy an Xbox and the other 50% buy a PS3… but all 100% buy a Nintendo as a second system, then I see that as Nintendo in the lead, and Xbox and PS3 fighting for 2nd. 😉

However it turns out… Nintendo has stated that they still have Major surprises left in store before the release. And my guess is the price will be one of them.

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