Joomla rocks more than Mambo

Content Management is crowning a new king. His name is Joomla.

Content Management Systems (CMS) to date have shown high price tags and little maturity. Microsoft’s CMS Server was purchased from a third party in 2002 and serviced (badly) in 2005. It is a bear to install, requires IE to run and kills registries when uninstalled. Did I mention it’s $20K to get started?

[Bias Note: I’ve worked for Ektron]
I do think Ektron’s offerings are superior for those with corporate budgets and customer support requirements.

The open source CMS biggies (WordPress, PHPNuke, Drupal, Mambo and Joomla) are easy to install, don’t touch the registry, go away completely when uninstalled and can be run on free hosting.

I would mention DotNetNuke and Rainbow, but I’ve tried, and I won’t, and that’s that. recently pointed out Joomla’s rocketing importance. Google Trends (possibly the only thing from Google that is not in “beta”) displays the trend in living color. As Joomlaspan did, let’s compare Joomla to Mambo CMS (Joomla’s the blue line):

Joomla beats Mambo on Google


Joomla is a Mambo fork, the politics of which are less important than the perception those politics have left behind. The split created the impression that the technical power is now with Joomla, that Mambo was great, but abandonded, and the real stuff is happening with Joomla. Whether this was true at first no longer matters: it has become a self-fulfilling perception and is now the truth.

Joomla and Mambo are both superior CMS solutions. For the forseeable future, though, Joomla will get the attention as Mambo falls behind. It will get support, modules, templates… everything you need to create a world-class self-editable web site.


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  1. Kitchen DesignerKitchen Designer05-21-2006

    I love Joomla and I use it for my site. I really hate the name though, Joomla…WTF? Mambo was way cooler by name.

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