Coming Soon: 8 Megapixel Cameras for All

Micron Technology has developed a new imaging chip for compact digital cameras that will let amateurs snap photos like the pros.  The chip will also eliminate the lag between taking photos, allowing users to take 10-8 megapixel or 30-2 megapixel images per second.

Not only will stills be able to be taken at much high resolutions, and at a faster rate, the chip also allows 720p videos to be created, which is the entry-level version of high-definition.

Presently, most cameras only allow you to take a few photos per second, with several seconds delay between each photo.  Video is usually limited to 480×640 resolutions.

Traditionally, digital camera companies produced their own chips, but this took up a lot of their time, so many have looked to other companies such as Texas Instruments, Micron Technology, and others.  This allows the chip producers to focus all their energies on the chip, producing outstanding results.

Samples of the new chip will be sent out this fall, and should be in mass production in 2007. Competitors are expected to announce similar chips in the near future.  So, it will still be awhile before these chips start showing up in our cell phones and digital camers, but when they do, let the fun begin!

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  1. ToddTodd05-21-2006


    I haven’t heard Micron mentioned in ages!

    Being able to to take 10 pics 8mp each WITH a compact camera is awesome. I’m pretty sure my RebelXT can something close but it’s NOT a compact camera.

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