Mini Projectors for Cellphones, Laptops, & More

Digislide has developed a new technology called Digismart, that will allow mobile phones and other handsets to have projection capabilities.

WiFi, Bluetooth, and other emerging technologies have given rise to greater connectivity and transmission capabilities, but so far detailed images have not been possible due to small display screens.

Images from the mobile device screen can be projected onto a wall or other flat surface, without losing any quality.  The Digismart technology is centered around a miniature wide-angle lens system, which utilizes unique lens arrangements and solid state or filament lamps.

I can see how this tool would be helpful in the business world, and how it could be a fun little toy for the rest of us.  Imagine taking photos or a video and projecting them on the wall to show your friends. 


  1. gilles rappgilles rapp11-13-2006

    Is this gadget already available ?

  2. JulieJulie11-13-2006

    Sure is. 🙂

  3. shravanthshravanth12-11-2006

    how it can be used for laptops , where it is available and what is the cost of this software. please reply soon , i m in urgent need of this . thank you .

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