New U2 Special Edition iPod Video

Apple just announced the release of an updated version of the U2 Special Edition iPod, this time with video, more storage, and other perks. 

The previous version of the U2 iPod (released in October 2004) was made of black plastic, and offered 20GB of hard drive space. The newest U2 iPod is encased in black stainless steel with a red wheel, and offers 30GB of storage.  On the back, are the autographs of all the band members.

The U2 Special Edition video iPod can store 7,500 songs, has a battery life of 14 hours, displays video and pictures, and can be programmed to download podcasts. 

With the purchase of this new special edition iPod, U2 fans will be given an electronic coupon code to download 30 minutes of videos for free.

Another reason to pick this one up?  The price has dropped.  The original U2 iPod was priced at $349.  The latest one costs just $329 and has many more features. The price is just $30 more than the standard video iPod, and is now available for purchase.

(P.S. – I love U2 and if anyone wants to buy me this, go right ahead! 😉 )

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