Girl Gamers Take it Off

Gamer girls, particular those who play Counter Strike, have put together a website to serve as “a place for female gamers of Counter-Strike to show themselves, their art/creativity and music while helping to eliminate negative stereotypes towardas female gamers.” features nude pin-ups of female gamers, and is currently in public beta.  A visit to the site insists that you need an invite to enter, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you don’t need one!  Follow this link, and you will then be taken to the public beta site.

GirlsofCS also have MySpace profiles, and a group.  You can check out the pics, chat with the girls, and play them in some CS games. 

If any gamer girls out there are interested in modeling for the site, Hillary at GirlsofCS says that they are actively seeking new models to add to their collection of photos.

Note: They seem to be having load time issues with the site right now, so you may want to try back later, or keep trying.  I spoke with the owner, and they aknowledge the problem and are working on fixing it. 

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