iPod More Popular Than Beer

USA Today recently conducted a poll to find out what’s “in” on college campuses.  In the history of the poll, beer has only been knocked out of the top spot once in 1997 by the “internet”.  This poll marks the second time beer has lost the top spot, this time to the Apple iPod.

The poll found that the iPod was mentioned by 73% of the student population, followed with beer and Facebook.com tied at 71%.  Numbers 4 through 10 on the list were drinking other alcoholic beverages (67%), text messaging (66%), going to clubs (65%), instant messaging (63%), working out (62%), and coffee (60%).

Clearly iPods are popular, but who ever thought that they would be more popular than the good ol’ college staple – beer?


  1. LouisLouis06-08-2006

    Can we combine both? God music AND good beer, a winning combo!

  2. DarrenDarren06-09-2006

    Sorry, but thats just dumb. How the hell can an iPod be more popular than a beer. US students are wusses, and need to drink more beer like us brits 😀 I’ve a fridge full of Bud Ice, ready for the World Cup! 😀

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