Google selling Dell-Server under their own Name

The world’s biggest Computer-Manufactor Dell signed a contract with Google which enables them to sell Dell-Server with a Google Brand. The Systems shall be offered to business Clients only.


Googles Servers are wearing the Company-Logo but they are completly based on Dell-Hardware. They will be distributed by the Name of “Google Search Appliance” and show no Dell Characteristics at all.

Neither Dell nor Google wanted to publish financial details. Both of the companys work together for a long time already.


  1. ColleenColleen06-10-2006

    This made me think of Cheese as soon as I saw it, it looks like cheese, lol.

  2. sloganslogan06-10-2006

    Colleen, I think it’s that Swiss cheese with all those holes in it – Maybe Google and Dell have got together to make cheese 🙂

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