Parents: Track Your Kids by Mobile Phone

Verizon Wireless is planning to launch a service that allows parents to track their children via cellphone.  Parents can set geographical limits and be alerted when they venture too far, and can view their whereabouts on a map on either a mobile phone or computer.

The location viewing feature costs $9.99 per month, or as a package deal you can get location viewing and boundary setting for $19.99  per month.

The service will initially be available for parents with children using the Migo phone, a special phone with just 4 buttons made for children.   Verizon says that they may introduce a similiar service for older children with more sophisticated phones, but mentioned nothing further. Parents are able to access the service using 10 different Verizon wireless phones.

Personally, I think this is going a little too far.  Since when do 5 year olds need cell phones?  And do they really need to be tracked?  They’re likely to lose the phone at some point, so tracking them then would be pointless. 

Why don’t we just install tracking chips in our children if we need to know where they are at every moment of the day? Geez.

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  1. DarrenDarren06-12-2006

    They could do with something like this in the UK – kids are going rampant, and its shocking the amount of stabbings, robbings, attacks and more worringly rapes that kids as young as 11 are getting involved in.

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