Google Earth Updates, Tools, and Innovations

Today at the first-ever Google Geo Developer Day and the one year anniversary of Google Earth, Google announced several updates to its mapping product – Google Earth. The press release is available on the company site, and is e-mailed to shareholders.
Announcements made today regarding Google Earth include:

  • Satellite imagery update. A significant high-resolution imagery update to Google Earth has increased the index of high-res images by more than 4 times. Sub-meter high resolution is now available for more than 1/3 of the world’s population.
  • A new version of Google Earth. This marks the first major update to the software since its release one year ago. Updates to the software include “a more streamlined user interface and new tools that enable the creation and display of third-party and user-generated content. It is now available for Windows, Mac, and for the first time, Linux platforms. It is fully localized in German, Italian, French and Spanish.
  • Google SketchUp now enables the creation of textured buildings for visualization in Google Earth and Google 3D Warehouse.

Additionally, Google made several annoucements regarding updates to Google Maps and the Google Maps API.

  • The abillity to geocode is now available with the Google Maps API. It has been one of the most requested features thus far.
  • KML for Google Maps: A new feature allows the display of KML (Keyhole Markup Language) on Google Maps. It allows data created in Google Earth to be viewed in a web browser as a simple mashup. According to Google, KML requires no computer programming expertise.
  • Google Maps for Enterprise: Google announced fee-based licensing and support for businesses wanting to embed a Google Map in their website or internal applications. It enables businesses to map customer locations, track shipments, manage facilities, or view any other data source in a geographic context.


  1. LouisLouis06-12-2006

    Google Earth is a great tool! I love its versatility and having it on Mac too is wonderful!

    Kudos Google!

  2. GustavoGustavo11-28-2006

    Hi All Experts,
    Does anyone use google earth images as ground image planes for use in aerial scenes. I know how to stitch them together but are there any tools or tricks to make sure that the images are at the same height, angle and such to make sure they stitch well. I know in the pro version you can get bigger images but im not going to pay for the pro version when i could stitch multiple images together…

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