Firefox 3.0 won’t support Win98 / ME

The Firefox Team announced that they won’t support Windows 98 and Windows ME by the time they release Firefox 3.0. The reason would be that Microsoft doesn’t support 98/ME anymore.

Firefox 2.0 will run on Win98 / Me. However, people still using the mentioned OS should consider upgrading their PC to run Windows XP. Security Holes won’t be fixed anymore, neither in Firefox nor in Internet Explorer 6.0.

It’s assumable that Opera will follow this trend, too.

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  1. ChrisChris06-15-2006

    Makes since, there is only a window of so long when a manufacturer can be expected to support obsolete software. Let’s start moving forward people. Also, purchasing a PC now with XP on it is a lot cheaper than it was X amount of years ago whenever you bought the PC with ME/98 on it.

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