Google Releases Picasa Web Albums

As anticipated last week, Google has released a web version of their popular photo organizing/sharing software, Picasa.  Users may now upload images to the internet, and share them with friends.

The interface is much like that of Picasa, and is easy to navigate.  Just a few clicks and you’re on your way.  Each account comes with 250 MB of storage space, but an additional 6GB can be purchased for $25/year.

Images can be viewed as a slideshow or thumbnails, and are much bigger than those of competing online photo sharing services.  To scroll through the images, you use the arrow keys.

Like the launch of Google Spreadsheets, Picasa Web Albums requires a invitation to sign-up for the service. You will need to sign up with your Gmail username and password.  Google hopes that these beta testers will be able to help provide feedback on the service before its final and complete launch.

Photo sharing is a very popular online activity, and I think once this is publicly available on a large scale, it will attract a lot of users, and Google will be able to capture their share of the photo sharing market.



  1. JuggoPopJuggoPop06-14-2006


  2. Louis SavardLouis Savard06-14-2006

    Interesting. Are there upload limits? I assume that the 250MB storage is for a free account.

  3. ChrisChris06-17-2006

    The ability to use the arrow keys to scroll through the pictures is a super sweet touch. It’s able to load much faster than other services becuase of pixie dust and the fact that htey preload. Pretty nifty, but I would never have a use for sucha thing.

  4. Ravi LuthraRavi Luthra07-18-2006

    This is very awesome. I loathe touching filenames, upload utilities, single file upload web dialogs. Picasa is the only thing I am aware of that does all this for photo uploads to a web page. And even if it isn’t the only site that has such integration, ITS PICASA! Not to mention the website looks great and (currently) has no ads. My process of getting 100s of photos to the web from my camera now takes only minutes.

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