Google Introduces Dayparting for AdWords

With major infrastructure changes, Google has unveiled a new AdWords tool that allows account users to set ad scheduling.

Using the new tool, advertisers can now set what time of day or week they would like their ads to run.   Once the preferences are set, the ads will start and pause at the desired times.

While the tool has been available as an AdWords API through third-party vendors, this marks the first time it is available through the AdWords interface without needing a plug-in.

Advertisers have been asking for such a feature for awhile, and with Microsoft’s AdCenter having similar features, Google needed to get this feature up and running to remain competitive in the contextual advertising market.  Yahoo is also expected to add a similar feature to their ad publishing platform in the near future.


  1. JamieJamie06-19-2006

    Nice idea but I imagine developers that spent a lot of time building API tools might be a bit pissed.

  2. JulieJulie06-19-2006

    True, but that’s the chance you take with APIs.

  3. PatrickPatrick06-19-2006

    Very nice, I have been waiting for something like this for one of my campaigns.

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