Nerdcore/Geeksta Rap

If you’re not familiar, “nerdcore” or “geeksta” rap is a unique form of hip hop that is produced by and for geeks and nerds. The fan base is small because nerdcore caters to a very limited audience.  Non-nerds might not get the jokes, or understand some of the lyrics.

Popular nerdcore artists include Frontalot, MC Chris, Monzy, ytCracker, MC:NP. MC Plus+, and many others.  Monzy and MCPlus+ even have an East Coast/West Coast nerdcore rivalry going on, as evidenced by Monzy’s track “So Much Drama in the PhD“. 

Interested in hearing some of the best of Geeksta rap?  Check out this four volume compilation available for download. If you want to learn more about this genre, check out the “nerdcore” entry at Wikipedia. They’ve got some great information there, and links to popular nerdcore artists.

The lyrics are clever and oh-so-geeky, but hip hop isn’t my cup of tea. Nevertheless, I’m sure some of you will enjoy it. 🙂


  1. JuggoPopJuggoPop06-20-2006

    Thanks for this … I did enjoy some of that.

  2. Dustin07Dustin0706-22-2006

    Funny stuff, enlightening post though. Didn’t realize it had become a ‘scene.’

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