RIAA Targets YouTube, GoogleVideo

The RIAA has proven themselves even more pathetic in their latest attempt to stop us normal folks from having a little fun.  They are now going after YouTube & Google Video users who’ve made videos of themselves or others bopping along to copyrighted music.

Users are increasingly receiving DMCA take-down request letters for videos that include copyrighted music.  This includes people singing along to the music, as well as those dancing with the music playing in the background.

So now we won’t be able to laugh at the fools who make videos of themselves dancing to Britney Spears’ videos? Or the teeny-bopper sing-a-longs to Kelly Clarkson?  Dude, that sucks.


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  1. ChrisChris06-21-2006

    They are just digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves. Eventually, the political side will get to the point where they can’t be paid off anymore. Hell, there is a lobbyist for everything, but now that they have disrupted waves with the likes of Google, maybe something will finally be done to stop them.

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