14-Year-Old Sues My Space

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened; a fourteen year old girl and her mother are sueing MySpace over an alledged sexual assault that occured after the girl met a 19 year-old offline.

The lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Travis County, Texas, claims that MySpace is aware that sexual predators get in touch with minors on the site, but do nothing to stop it.

They are seeking damages for fraud and negligence in misrepresenting the site’s security measures to protect minors.  Additionally, the pair are seeking damages from Peter Solis, the accused 19-year-old, for alledged sexual assault and emotional distress.  They are seeking compensation of no less than $30 million.

The girl first came into contact with Solis on MySpace on April 6, when she claims he said that he was a high school senior that played on the football team. Soon after, the girl gave him her cell phone number.  The two met in person six days later, at which time they went on a date and the girl claims to have been sexually assaulted.

Okay, so where is MySpace responsible in all this?  Was it not the girl who gave out her phone number and met up with the guy?  And where were her parents in all of this? 

It’s no different than people meeting over AOL, or any other internet service or chat room.  Common sense tells you, the person you’re talking to online might not be who they say they are, so don’t give out your personal information or meet up with them unless you’ve set up extra precautions with a parent or something.

If the assault occurred, which in itself has not yet been proven, the ones I hold responsible are the young man, the girl, and her parents.  The young man for doing, and the girl and her parents for being so damn naive and stupid and allowing the meetup to occur in the first place.

If they make any money off this from MySpace, I will be sick.  So, what are thoughts on all this?


  1. ChrisChris06-21-2006

    Everyone is looking for easy money. The 19yr old should be hung for assaulting an underaged girl and the parents should be slapped for not paying closer attention to what their daughter was up to. MySpace, should just keep on keeping on, as long as they keep to the security measures they already have in place.

  2. MarissaMarissa06-21-2006

    that’s gay…..people are such idiots……..i swear….somewhere out in outerspace,….there’s a bunch of brains floating around….

  3. ZapZap06-21-2006

    Why not sue MySpace? Why should the parents of the girl take any responsibility for anything in this matter? There’s no PROFIT in that approach. It would be much more financially palatable for them to sue MySpace. As a matter of fact, they should also sue Microsoft (for producing the Windows operating system that she used to log on to MySpace), Logitech (for producing the keyboard and mouse that she used to log on to MySpace), Dell (for producing the computer system that she used to log on to MySpace), her ISP (for providing a connection that made it possible for her to log on to MySpace), the electricity supplier (can’t have a working computer without electricity and you can’t log on to MySpace without it either), Coca-Cola (she was probably drinking one as she was logging on to MySpace), and the list goes on.

    Everyone is responsible EXCEPT the girl, her parents and the guy who allegedly assaulted her.

  4. John ScottJohn Scott06-21-2006

    It’s a get rich quick scheme if you ask me.

  5. John ScottJohn Scott06-21-2006

    MySpace was just a medium. Might as well sue the phone company. Or any other means of contacting people.

  6. rQrQ06-22-2006

    don’t forget she must also sue the mobile phone service provider for not filtering out the calls or messages coming from the guy…

    how idiotic can someone get

  7. Louis SavardLouis Savard06-22-2006

    And her ISP for allowing the contact to be established between them. Sue the company that makes her PC… And … And…

  8. JuggoPopJuggoPop06-22-2006

    And Ronald McDonald… as that’s where the date was. (I’m sure)… 😛

  9. Harley RoseHarley Rose11-10-2006

    John Scott, have you ever been violated? if not than perhaps you should walk a mile in ones shoes that has b-4 you go flappin at the jaw as to somthing you know nothing about. yes we as parents should pay attention to our children, however, this is somthing not always possible. Do you not think then that such sites should have some sort of eyes looking out for the children. Would your jaw be a flapping if it were your daughter, siser, girlfriend or niece?

    you sound like a typical stick-shift to me, if you have enough brain to figure out what that even means. looks to me like you are all stick-shifts, or maybe you are all predators lurking in the back ground

  10. JulieJulie11-13-2006

    Whoa. Chill out.

  11. ChristineChristine03-17-2007

    It was not that MySpace does nothing to protect the underage users. The 13 year old girl that was assaulted had her age listed on her profile as 18. I do agree with the mom, that its almost impossible to know what your children are doing 24/7…However, this was not a one time occurrance. They chatted online, sent text messages back and forth and spoke on the phone for hours at a time. The parents apparently missed all of that. As far as a get rich quick scheme, where is the line drawn? It is not MySpace’s responsiblity to babysit your children. I do feel that Peter should be punished for assaulting the girl. But, at what price is your daughter’s virginity worth? If she even was a virgin.

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