Google Checkout is live!

Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it.

The former GBuy is now officially known as Google Checkout. As of now it’s only available for the United States but Google is planning to expand their service to Europe in the near future.

Google Checkout is Google’s answer to the eBay Dominator PayPal. Here’s a feature overview:

  • Pay with a single Login (like PayPal)
  • Financing (like PayPal)
  • Costs: 2% of the Transaction + 20 US-Cent (almost like PayPal – 1,9% + 30 US-Cent)
  • Deductibles for acquisitions by using AdWords

It seems like it’s highly integrated into AdWords. Due to this fact Google is harvesting PayPal Customers for sure.

Here you go: Google Checkout

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