Google Pages Now Accepts AdSense

Upon its initial launch, Google Pages did not offer any ability to ad AdSense to your pages.  But recently, Google began sending out invitations to users offering them the chance to sign-up for AdSense and integrate the code into their Google Pages site.

The invitation that went out was worded as follows:


We’re happy to let you know that Google Page Creator is now compatible with AdSense. Please feel free to add the AdSense code to your Page Creator web pages. If you don’t know how to implement the AdSense code with Google Page Creator, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log into your AdSense account at
2. From the AdSense Setup tab, customize and generate your AdSense code
3. Copy the generated code from the ‘Your AdSense code’ box
4. Log into your Google Page Creator account
5. Select the web page you’d like to display AdSense ads
6. Select the field where you’d like the ads to appear
7. Click ‘Edit HTML’
8. Paste the AdSense code in the HTML source code of the page
9. Save your updated web page
10. Publish your web page

After taking the steps above, your ads should appear shortly. If you have trouble implementing the Ad Sense code onto your web page, please feel free to respond to this email.

Good luck,

The Google AdSense Team

Expect the number of Google Page sites to increase dramatically and the spamming of AdSense on them to rise as well.


  1. DarrenDarren07-01-2006

    I used to love Google.

    They brought out this stupid sandbox thingy where new sites take months and months to rank for competitive keywords. This was to supposedly stop spammers from creating websites, ranking well quickly, and earning a massive from Google’s hand.

    Now, they promote Google Adsense which has created massive numbers of Made for Adsense sites – then they launch Google pages with Adsense. Like You’ve mentioned this will increase the number of spam on the internet.

    Have Google created a monster – you bet they have! Google will not recover from this and their war on combating spam has been made twice as bad by their own business practices. Long Live Altavista!

  2. ChrisChris07-03-2006

    Knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.

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