The Great Firewall of China Coming Down?

Computer researchers at the University of Cambridge claim to have breached the Great Firewall of China, and also to have found a way to launch denial of service attacks against specific IPs in the country (including those of the government). Their findings were published in a paper entitled “Ignoring the Great Firewall of China”.

The paper was written by Richard Clayton, Steven Murdoch, and Robert Watson, and offers insight into the workings of China’s complex filtering systems.

Researchers also proposed using special software or modifications to existing firewall software that would ignore RST packets, thus allowing the user to circumvent the China Firewall.  However, some have questioned whether this method would offer an improvement over the use of proxy servers, which are commonly used by the Chinese to get around government controls.

If you are interested in learning more, you can read the full paper which is available online.

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