Cool eBay Tool – Listed Wrong

Speaking of eBay, if you’re at all familiar with the site, you know that you can find just about anything under the sun there to buy.  Want a first-edition print of the Wizard of Oz? As the advertising slogan goes, you can find it on eBay.

But sometimes you can’t quite find that item you’re looking for.  It might just simply be unavailable, or it might be hidden.  The item you are dying to buy might be up for sale, but you might not ever find it because of an erroneous listing.

You could spend the extra time to try to find these erroneous listings, or you could check out this neat little tool owned and operated by one of V7’s very own members – the Listed Wrong Search Engine.

The Listed Wrong Search Engine finds common misspellings of words, and then searches eBay for these keywords.  It’s really cool, and it actually works. 

Another perk of finding flubbed eBay listings is that often times there aren’t any other bidders and you can get some fabulous deals.  I’ve found some gems myself by typing in misspellings in the past. 

So, if you’re an eBay addict like me, always searching for a great deal, try out the Listed Wrong Search Engine.  Who knows, you might just uncover a hidden treasure!


  1. Louis SavardLouis Savard07-10-2006

    That’s a cool tool! I know a few people who will make good use of it!

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