eBay Bans Google Checkout Payments

The payment wars between PayPal (an eBay company) and Google Checkout are heating up.  In its first move against Google, eBay has banned its customers from accepting from Google Checkouts, citing that the service does not have a proven track record.

Google Checkout is amongst 39 other payment services not allowed on eBay.

Google spokeswoman Megan Lamb said in an e-mailed statement that the company has offered billing and payments as part of its advertising software for years. The new service was rigorously tested before it was released, she said.

Many long time eBay customers are angry.  They don’t want eBay dictating what kinds of payments they can and cannot receive.  Many sellers denounced eBay’s decision on the eBay message boards, making such statements as “Bad, bad eBay. eBay wants to squeeze every last penny out of the sellers. I hope this comes back to bite them.”

It sounds like eBay is afraid of the competition.

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