Update on Microsoft’s “iPod Killer”

Over the past couple weeks, more details have emerged regarding Microsoft’s still-in-development, so-called “iPod Killer”.  The device now has a code name (Project Argos), and we know that the project is being headed by Vice President J. Allard. Furthermore, we know that a family of XBox-branded handheld, WiFi-enabled devices are in the works.  So could Gates’ iPod killer be not only a competitor to Apple’s iPod, but also to Sony’s PSP?  Hmm..sounds like a darn good possibility at this point.

The fabled device would potentially not only play music and videos, but would also be WiFi enabled and include the famed XBox gaming platform.  As of yet, iPod doesn’t have games, and the inclusion of such could sway a few consumers towards the Microsoft product.

It’s likely that we will find out something more official at the financial analysts meeting on July 27, after the Q4 earnings results.  While I don’t have any inside sources on this one, the Seattle Times seems to think that an annoucement will be made at the meeting.

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