Yahoo, MSN Messengers Hook-Up

On Wednesday Yahoo and Microsoft announced that they have begun a limited public beta test that allows Windows Live Messenger users and Yahoo Messenger users to send messages back and forth, as well as alert both services of online status and other information.

While the partnership presently only allows text-based messaging to be exchanged between the two systems, they do hope to add voice chat functionality in the future.

Allowing the two to work together will create the world’s largest instant messaging community of over 350 million users. 

Too bad I use neither service.  If you want to catch me on IM, you’ll have to find me on Google Talk or, rarely, AIM.  Now if those two could also find a way to get together with Yahoo and MSN, we’d have one big orgy of messengers and nearly everyone would be happy.

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  1. Louis SavardLouis Savard07-14-2006

    Cool, it’s annoying to have to have mulitple accounts.

    I should check into Google Talk…

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