New Site to Keep Track of Your Stuff

Keep track of your money and your stuff with Bill Monk, an interesting “Web 2.0” style website.  No longer will you have to struggle to recollect who you loaned or borrowed stuff from, and you can keep better track of your friends money mooching habits (or maybe your own mooching habits).

The site allows you to input data about loans you make to friends and when payments are made on them.  You can itemize things that you loan out in the “library”, including such details as what the item was, when you loaned it, and who you loaned it too. You can even keep track of who last paid for dinner.

But is this service really useful?  Who will actually use it?  My guess is that the people who would use it are already pretty anal and probably write these things down in a notebook or something. 

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  1. zafarzafar07-14-2006

    Why should I remember who loaned me money?, all I want to remember is who owes me!
    And since there is no one who owes me any money, this site is not worth much to me!

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