Web Directories – What are they good for?

It seems that everyday someone is launching a new web directory.  The directories range from general, all-encompassing ones like Umdum, Submit Dot Com, the V7 Directory, the Alive Directory, and so many more.  However, they also include specialized niche directories that target specific audiences.  Examples of niche directories would include those aimed at video gamers, webmasters, travellers, and more.  There are now even directories of directories!

Before I was up on all the SEO practices and terminology, I didn’t  understand the purpose of having 50 million website directories, especially when you already have large ones like the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ.  But apparently it’s all about getting links.  The more links you have, the higher you rank in the search engines and the more likely people are to stumble on your site.  If the directory has a high PR, that’s another good perk.  Not only do you have a link, but a link from high ranking site.

On the webmaster side of directories, they are also apparently a good source of income.  If you play your cards right, accept quality links, have a good design, and spend some time marketing your directory, you stand to make a decent profit.

So now the question is…….. how many of you out there have your own directory, or are planning on starting one?  I am curious.  I have one directory,WiFi Cleveland, although it is free and I make no money on it.

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