Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

The issue of Net Neutrality is now working its way through the U.S. Senate, and as you can imagine the debates and presentations regarding the issue have begun.

Senator Ted Stevens, a Republican from Alaska, had some amusing – yet frightening – things to say about what the internet is, how it works, and why he’s against Net Neutrality.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show recently did a piece on Net Neutrality, poking fun at the incompetent Senator.  Here’s a excerpt:

Stevens:  I…just the other day got, an Internet was sent by my staff at 10 o’clock in the morning on Friday, I got it yesterday. Why?

Stewart: …Why didn’t Senator Stevens get it until yesterday?  This is just a little bit of a guess here, but maybe it’s because you don’t seem to know jackshit about computers or the Internet.  By hey! That’s ok! You’re just the guy in charge of regulating it.

Ouch.  Senator Stevens does in fact play a large roll in the regulation of the internet as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation, under which telecommunications falls.  Unfortunately for us, it doesn’t seem like he knows what exactly the internet even is, yet he is qualified to help make legislative decisions regarding the oh-so-elusive Internet?

To hear more of what Stevens has to say about the internet and net neutrality, check out this video clip from the Daily Show.

I’m afraid, are you?

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  1. JuggoPopJuggoPop07-15-2006

    HELL Yes I am afraid… Dayum, that is one stupid man (at least when it comes to the internet)

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