Google Sends Aspirin After AdWords Changes Causes Headache

On July 4th, Al Scillitani wrote an open letter to Google on his blog, Marketing Pilgrim.  In the letter he commented on the frequency of changes with Google AdWords recently.  He complained about how all the changes were giving him a headache, and requested that Google send him some acetaminophen in compensation for his troubles.

A Google employee happened to read that post, and being the smart-ass that he apparently is, sent Al some of the much-needed acetaminphen and a signed letter.

Shocked when he actually received the requested meds from Google in the mail, Al of course blogged about it. The story caught fire, getting thousands of Diggs, and later Adam Lasnik, a Google employee, publically admitted to sending the pills. 

Nice to know they’ve got a sense of humour over at Google.

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  1. Ben StoneBen Stone07-27-2006

    I hope that doesn’t happen with me man. i hate headache.

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