July Contest Annoucement

Last month, we featured a contest in which we asked you to create a witty banner ad for V7 Tech.  This month, we’re going to take a new spin on advertising:  make us a short video or audio advertisement or testimonial.  Video is preferred, but for those without access to a webcam or digital video cam, you may submit audio. Have fun, and take it in any direction you wish. 🙂

Video files may be uploaded to YouTube or Google Video, and the link may be sent to us for submission.  Audio files can be uploaded to your web server, or sent as an email attachment.


  1. cldnailscldnails07-17-2006

    Freakin sweet. But, if it’s a contest…what are the prizes?

  2. JulieJulie07-17-2006

    Geeky gear is usually the prize…like tshirts and other cool stuff. 🙂

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