Employers Look at Your MySpace Profile

Be wary of what kind of information you include in your MySpace profile, or on another other publically posted website or profile.  Your employers, or potential employers are now heavily using MySpace to check out prospects.

Think no one’s watching you?  Think again.  Just listen to what happened to 18 year old Scott Schafer, a US baseball pitching prospect.  His MySpace profile cost him an agent and a lower salary.

Additionally, a number of companies surveyed indicated that they often check MySpace before even giving a candidate a job interview.  MySpace gives them a good indicator of what kind of person the applicant is, and while young adults may think that this is just their place to let off steam or act silly, employers don’t quite see it that way.

My advice? Don’t post anything online that you would want them to find out in the first place. So next time you want to post about your drunken revelry, or post racy pictures, think again.


  1. Louis SavardLouis Savard07-19-2006

    Anything you write can be used against you of course. The net is wide and public, everyone should remember that. It’s silly to not think about that.

  2. JulieJulie07-19-2006

    True…but try telling that to your average 18 year old….

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