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I read an interesting article over on Google Blogoscoped about the possibility of Google having an “anti-linkjuice flag” that would allow a page to have PR, but prevent it from passing on PR to other sites.

We know Google sometimes penalizes sites, removing their PageRank, and thereby also removing the chance for webmasters to effectively sell PageRank through text links on those sites. But what if there’s a flag in the Google system that says “the page can keep it’s PR, but it may not pass on this PR to other pages”… a forced but hidden “nofollow”?

Does Google penalize sites that sell text links by preventing them from passing on PR?  If they do, which it is likely that they do, I for one think its pretty shitty.  Who’s to say whether its right or wrong for me to monetize my own website?  As long as the sites linked to are relevent, what’s the harm?

Apparently Google’s Matt Cutts has suggested that PR, in some cases, may not be transfered to another site, even without the presence of the “no-follow” attribute:

The trouble with supporting a site just to get PageRank-carrying links is that you don’t always get what you might want,” and on being asked if that means a site/ page can have it’s PageRank-transferring ability disabled, replied this was “well said.”

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  1. bytechbytech07-19-2006

    I dunno, this sounds like punishing the wrong person. Why punish the buyer of the links and not the seller? Unless of course the seller has a total crap site, but if that were the case this system wouldn’t be needed in the first place.

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