Google Launches Accessible Search

Today Google launched a new search service aimed at the sight-impaired population that uses screen readers to access the web.  Dubbed “Google Accessible Search”, the new service aims to make the Google search more accessible, as well as to aid the blind in using Google Search to find websites that are also accessible, and simple enough to use with a screen reader.

The Accessible Search page is even more simple than the traditional Google Search page.  This makes it easier and faster to use the web with a screen reader.  While the search service works the same way as traditional Google Search, it also adds a new twist – when users search for a term, the website not only finds the most relevant sites, but also sorts results based on the simplicity of the page and its layout.

Accessible Search is built off of Google Co-Op technology, which improves search results based on specialized interested. It is still in an early beta stage, therefore the product can be accessed from the Google Labs page.

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