I want to speak to a human!

Have you ever called a company’s customer service line and been annoyed by the lack of human interaction? Do the robot reps drive you nuts? Do you ever just scream in frustration “I want to speak to a human damnit!!!!” ? I’ll bet you have. And now I have just the solution for you.

Instead of screaming explicatives next time you encounter Mr. Roboto, quickly consult Get Human, a free website with an outstanding database of secret phone numbers and codes to get a human rep. when calling a customer service center.

The database is huge, and encompasses everything from Sears to Mastercard. Right now it seems to include US-based companies only, but hopefully they will expand in the future to include other countries (I’m sure this robot problem is global by now). If not, maybe someone else will be inspired to create other country-specific “Get Human”-like directories.

On the site, you can also view and input customer support ratings for various companies. And according to the site:

We will soon publish a list of the best and worst mass-market consumer companies in the US based on how long it takes to get to a human on the phone and on the quality of support received.

Now, if only they could publish a list to the secret codes to get a native English-speaking rep instead of an Indian named Bobby Smith. Hmm…


  1. ZapZap07-20-2006

    I don’t seem to have any problems reaching a human being by pressing 0 (zero) a couple of times right from the start. It seems to work in most places for me and that usually gets me a human being in short order.

    I was recently stuck in automated attendant hell for 30 minutes due to a fault in one phone system I called. I was dragged through a menu system, requested a human, it attempted to connect me and then I got shuffled off to the beginning of that cycle again. Something wrong with the transfer of the call. 😕

  2. JulieJulie07-20-2006

    I can never get a human. 🙁 It drives me nutso.

  3. Louis SavardLouis Savard07-21-2006

    Zero doesn’t always work from the get go.

  4. ColleenColleen07-21-2006

    Excellent find Julie! I am glad I rarely have to use the phone though! 😀

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